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In the last quarter century, home entertainment has come of age. You can experience musical and theatrical events in the comfort of your own home, reproduced by systems that easily outperform commercial concert and movie venues. Alone, with family or when entertaining friends, high-end music and theater systems let you enjoy the luxury and convenience of private performances without leaving home. For those who invest in a Classe-based system, the experience can be truly breathtaking.

經過過去25年的發展,家庭娛樂系統已達成熟,藉著系統的重現,您可以舒服地在您家中體驗身歷其境般的音樂與戲劇饗宴,輕易地超越一般場所所能帶給您的感受。獨自一人或與家人甚至與朋友共享,高階音樂與劇院系統可以讓您不用出門就可以沉浸在奢華與舒適的私人演出空間。您所投資的 Classe 系統,將讓您有真實地驚人體驗。

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