Cambridge Audio

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IIn 1968 in Cambridge, England, a group of talented young technology graduates established a high technology R&D and prototyping business. Cambridge Audio was born.
Since we released our iconic P40 amplifier, we have pursued one simple objective: to produce audio equipment that faithfully creates a pure and natural sound. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

1968 年在英國劍橋,一批有才華的年輕技術畢業生建立了高科技研發和製作原型器材的業務。Cambridge Audio 從此誕生。
自從發布了標誌性的 P40 擴音機以來,我們只追求著一個簡單的目標:生產音響設備,忠實地創造出純淨自然的聲音。沒有什麼添加,亦沒有什麼被帶走。

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